Garantías en las esferas, o la falta de ellas.

posted by Ard Kessels
junio 24, 2015

People ask us a lot of questions about Kogel’s Guaranteed Performance warranty. I thought this is a good moment to explain in detail why we offer this service and how we handle it.

With premium bike parts having big dollar price tags nowadays, nothing is more frustrating to me than buying parts and having them blow out before I feel I got my money’s worth out of it.

My most vivid memory is a set of mountain bike tires that I saw on Christoph Sauser’s mountain bike during a world cup event in Belgium. His team even brought a tire guy. In other words, someone who only handled tire installation and pressures for the team. How pro is that? I chatted a bit with this mechanic and walked away from the conversation, determined to find these magical tires and getting myself up to "Sauser" speed.

Por supuesto que no era el único nerdo de bicicletas viendo la carrera, así que cuando salí a comprar la nueva adquisición de oro negro a mi bici, se vendió por todas partes. Después de encontrarlos en una tienda virtual y pagar por encima del precio recomendado al cliente, rompí las paredes de ambas llantas durante la segunda y tercera vuelta. No recuerdo haber comprado llantas de la misma marca nunca más.

Algunas cosas pasan, pero las dos veces a un juego nuevo de llantas no me anima a volver a comprar de la misma marca.

Otra historia me involucra a mí empleando una larga lista de blasfemias en un bosque en las Ardenas, 11 km en una de mis principales carreras del año. En mi mano tenia mi nuevo sillín ultraligero. O al menos la parte superior. Los rieles todavía estaban firmemente fijados al poste del sillín. (Me gustaría decir aquí, que estuve dentro del límite de peso para dicho sillín. Al menos en ese momento).

El punto de esta historia es que no me importa en absoluto gastar los ahorros de mi vida en lujosas piezas de bicicleta, pero odio absolutamente cuando no cumplen con las expectativas razonables. No había absolutamente ningún formulario de garantía en las llantas que yo destruí en pocas horas y tuve una larga batalla con el fabricante del sillín para reemplazarlo.

When I launch Kogel, I wanted it to create company where I would love being customer too. This means high quality products that actually improve performance for cyclists, but as well a company that people like to connect with. This is why we pick up the phone when you call, or we return your call if we missed it.

On a product level that means we want you to be happy with your ball bearing purchase. If that means we have to replace a product every now and then when your mechanic was a bit ham-fisted, or occasionally if a good customer was not aware that cleaning a bike with a pressure washer is a no go, so be it.

I always felt that as long as we make a top quality product, we are going to have a low number of returns and that rule holds up until today. We have calculated a small margin for error in our pricing, because we know our products are not perfect.

How can we expect everything to work flawless if you imagine the forces we send down from our quads to the tiny contact surface between our races and ceramic balls. It is an engineer’s nightmare if you think about it. That small buffer allows us to turns frowns upside down when we get warranty claims. If we do our job so well that there are no claims, we can add it to our bottom line at the end of the year. How good is that?

With that said, at Kogel Bearings we believe in the honor system. Our golden rule is: if you claim your fifth warranty and the neighbor shop has not claimed any, that’s when we start asking our ‘very few questions’.

I hope this mentality works as an inspiration for the rest of the bike industry (I am calling on you, tire, ball bearing and wheel makers!). If we all back up our products with a flexible warranty, it will be a strong motivation to build a better product.

  • Muéstrame al mecánico que nunca ha oído decir esto:"Te lo digo hermano, yo sólo estaba montando y entonces sucedió esto. Eso debe ser una garantía segura........"