Ready to upgrade your BB86 or BB92 Bottom Bracket? Kogel Bearings offers podium-grade BB86 - BB92 ceramic bottom brackets for your road, mountain, or cyclocross bike.

We've perfected ceramic bearing selection, manufacturing processes, fit and assembly. The result: extremely reliable and efficient bottom brackets with tight variances and industry-leading durability.

About the BB86 - BB92 Standard

BB86-BB92 bottom brackets were developed to add stiffness to the entire structure around the bottom bracket shell by using small composite cups pressed into the frame.

Found commonly on Giant, Scott and Pivot bikes, the standard works with common crank widths (e.g. road, mtb and boost) and offers some weight advantage over threaded alloy bottom brackets.

Choosing BB86 or BB92

Differences between the two versions are based on the type of bike with the road standard being 86.5mm wide while the mountain bike BB92 spec being 92 or 89.5mm wide, same 41mm inner diameter.

The bottom brackets between our two seal options are the same. It is perfectly OK to install a BB92-BB86 bottom bracket with "cross" seals on a road or gravel bike for extra protection.

WHY Upgrade/Replace Your Bottom Bracket

Even new bikes with new high-end drivetrains can, and usually do, ship with bottom brackets using steel bearings.

Even if perfectly maintained, those steel bearings just won't roll as smoothly or efficiently as our ceramic steel bearings.

Kogel Ceramic Bearings are:

  • More symmetrical (i.e. round) and built to stricter tolerances than steel bearings
  • More efficient for power transfer than standard bearings
  • And, won't deform, flat-spot, crack or get pitted

Beyond the basics of keeping your bottom bracket clean and maintained, perhaps the most important step is ensure your bike's best performance is using a bottom bracket manufactured with high-quality ceramic bearings.

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Expert Advice
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No amount of bearing grease can fix a cheap bottom bracket. It will never ride as efficiently as a ceramic-based bottom bracket. Over time the performance only gets worse becoming, literally, a drag on each pedal stroke.


Now imagine riding your bike with ceramic bearing components, feeling the silky smooth 100% power transfer from each pedal stroke to your rear wheel. Your crankset spins almost completely silent with hardly any effort. A feeling lasting for years, not months.


Kogel’s ceramic bottom brackets are one of the best options for maximizing the performance of your bike. Our entire line of silky-smooth bearing products offer exceptional value and guaranteed performance. Ready to experience your bike’s true potential? Use the bottom bracket finder to find the right bottom bracket for all your bikes.