campagnolo ultra-torque ceramic bottom bracket

The Campagnolo Ultra-Torque bottom bracket spec has been a staple on all high end Campagnolo crank sets. It can be recognized by a split axle with custom sized bottom-bracket bearings attached to the spindle.

No specific tools are required for the installation of these bottom brackets, other than a bearing press or traditional tools for threaded cups.

The system is held together by a large allen bolt in the center. In order to remove the bearings from the crank spindles, we recommend the CBP-1 puller set made by Park Tools

Kogel Bearings supports Campagnolo Ultra Torque crank sets on virtually any frame platform. From the classic English or Italian threaded to PressFit30, BB86, 386EVO and BB30.

The main benefit of switching to Kogel Bearings is that our bearings are fully sealed. The Campagnolo CULT bearings lack any seals, which makes them susceptible to contamination.

On a smaller scale, Campagnolo uses two other bottom bracket standards:

  1. Over Torque: Campagnolo's twist on 30mm spindles. Compatible with any Kogel Bottom Bracket designed for 386EVO, Rotor 30mm or Easton Cinch crank sets
  2. Power Torque: a standard developed as a budget option to Ultra Torque. Kogel Bearings does not support this standard.


  • Road and off-road specific seal options to keep your road, triathlon, TT, cross and mountain bikes running smoothly
  • Designed to fit any crank and frame without adapters or fuss factor
  • 2-Year, very few questions asked, confidence inspiring warranty

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