Our Guaranteed Performance Warranty

Kogel Bearings strives to deliver a best-in-industry warranty. Thinking of the current policies available from our ball bearing competitors, that is not much of a challenge.

Looking at some websites and terms of sales, it seems that the question 'Hey I bought this product from you and it did not live up to my expectations' is answered by a lot of legal talk, writing in ALL CAPS, and return procedures.

When it comes to product warranties, we have simplified the procedure. Your bearings are covered by 2-year Guaranteed Performance warranty, pending on annual bearing service. A manual for that service can be found here

We love to talk to our customers and realize that nothing is perfect, including the products that we painstakingly developed. If you feel your Kogel product failed prematurely, contact us via info@kogel.cc or call +1 915.777.5666. Include some background info on your purchase and use and we will take it from there.

Our return rates are very low, so we tend to be flexible with replacements. Even if we realize that your bike made weekly trips to the car wash against better judgment, we will have a crash replacement program in place to get you back on the road.

Todos los empleados de Kogel Bearings son jinetes con una historia en venta minorista de bicicletas. Hemos aprendido a juzgar cada caso individualmente y a vivir según la fecha límite número uno para los departamentos de servicio: vuelva a poner la bicicleta en la carretera el viernes por la tarde o su cliente se sentirá frustrado al perderse un viaje de fin de semana. Si bien el cambio al día siguiente no siempre es posible si se trata de envío, manejaremos sus reclamos rápidamente.

Si desea leer más sobre la filosofía de Kogel sobre garantías, eche un vistazo a esto entrada en el blog.