I've got over 6000 miles on my Kogel Bottom Bracket, which included a full season of cyclocross, Dirty Kanza and BWR and it's still running strong.

– Amanda Nauman, 2016 Dirty Kanza 200 and Belgian Waffle Ride winner.

600.000 kilometers of combined team racing and training in one year. 3 bottom brackets needed service, zero failures.

– The UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team a.k.a. The Blue Train

At times we race in horrendous conditions and our bottom brackets always spin freely. Over the course of a whole season, we have had zero bearing issues.

– Garry Millburn - MAAP-Speedvagen CX racer extraordinaire

The Kogel Bearings derailleur pulleys are super efficient. They remain lubricated with minimum work required. There is a noticeable friction reduction when you install them. 

– Stefan Wyman - Mechanic and team manager of the Next-Wyman cyclocross team

Using Kogel Bearings, I found a way to take my cycling to the next level. Come race day I know all my power output turns into speed.

– Johannes Moldan - Germany's answer to Chuck Norris.

I have logged thousands of miles on Kogel Bearings. The quality shows in the durability of our bottom brackets. High quality ceramic bearings have friction that is next to nothing yet they hold up better than steel bearings.

– Luke Keough - UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team

Until I switched to Kogel Bearings, bottom bracket changes were an almost weekly occurrence, now they last a complete season. You couldn’t ask for more. 

– Helen Wyman - 9 times British National Champion, 2 times European Champion
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