OSBB spacers. Set of 2 rings 46mm inner diameter x 3mm


OSBB spacers. Set of 2 rings 46mm inner diameter x 3mm

Product Details

Use these rings on any PF30 bottom bracket to make a correct spacing for Specialized OSBB carbon shells.

(OSBB is a standard for Specialized carbon road bikes, used between 2012 and 2015. Frame dimensions 46mm inner diameter x 62mm wide)

* This is an add-on product. Bottom bracket not included.

Material Care

Ball bearings are wear items, similar to the chain on your bicycle. While we went out of our way to present you with the best possible product, your Kogel Bearings do require some maintenance and a new seal kit from time to time. Please download this service document from our manuals section for a step by step on how to keep your bearings running smoothly.


Kogel Bearings strives for best-in-industry product support. Our hybrid and full ceramic bearings are covered under our 1+1 year warranty, which guarantees that we will keep you on the road for two years, pending on annual bearing service. Read more about our philosophy in this blog post.

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